This past year the Town of Groton rededicated its much-loved Sargisson Beach. The Sargisson Beach Committee applied for Community Preservation funds and the Town voted its approval at Town Meeting.

The shoreline was restored with stone and protected from future erosion and storm-water run-off by reconstructing the main pathways in such a way as to allow rainwater to slowly drain and be absorbed into the ground. The steep hill down to the beach was carefully reconstructed to allow for infiltration of storm water and to protect against erosion and movement of soil onto the beach area proper. A network of trails is in place throughout the eighteen acres property for recreational pleasure of everyone.

This fall a plan came together for a winter trail that would allow use in designated areas routed in such a way as to protect not only the vegetation, but also to protect the new structures put in place for summertime access to the shore. This came about because last winter, improper use of the trails caused damage. When using he winter trail, please use only the areas open for passage to protect the beach and surrounding lands.

If one is approaching the beach from lakeside, please enter on the far right side of the beach and head towards Springy Cove where the trail turns left and connects to a network of trails. Look for snow fencing and ribbon tape to guide you along the trails and keep the wooded areas protected from your winter recreational activities.

Remember this is our property to enjoy, treat with respect so it will be preserved for future generations and to enjoy its beauty, serenity and wildlife.

Thank you,
Sargisson Beach Committee and Groton Lakes Association