Lost Lake/ Knops Pond will be treated on Friday, May 19, 2023.

SOLitude Lake Management has been contracted by the Town of Groton to chemically treat Lost Lake and Knops Pond in Groton for the control of algae and aquatic vegetation. Lost Lake and Knops Pond will be treated with the USEPA/State registered herbicides Tribune and Copper Sulfate. The application is scheduled for Friday, May 19th. This treatment will be performed in accordance with a permit issued by the Massachusetts DEP and an Order of Conditions issued by the Groton Conservation Commission.

Do not use the water for the following purpose(s) until the date noted below:

Drinking and Cooking 05/23/2023
Boating, Fishing and Swimming 05/20/2023
Watering of Livestock 05/21/2023
Irrigation 05/25/2023

The shoreline of Lost Lake and Knops Pond will be posted in advance of the treatment with signs warning of the temporary water use restrictions that will be imposed.

Solitude Lake Management
590 Lake Street
Shrewsbury, MA 01545