Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Last Monday I sent the email shown below to my master email list regarding a question as to whether we should keep water level at the Summer pool level for two additional weeks to make up for the two to three weeks that we lost in April because of the plans to treat the lake with Sonar. I received about sixty responses from lake shore residents. Most supported (~95%) not taking the boards out until October 28th (instead of Columbus Day October 14th) but just a few did not because they wanted to work on their shoreline or on their docks.

After discussing this with several of the lake shore residents and folks at the Town Hall, we decided to leave the boards in the dam for one additional week instead of two additional weeks. Thus we plan to start taking the boards out of the dam on Monday October 21st. According to John Diezemann who lives next to the dam and has been involved in controlling the water level for years it will take 3 maybe 4 weeks for the water level  to drop 30 inches to the Winter water level. This will still give sufficient time to those who want to work on their shoreline and docks and will also allow time for the work that is planned for restoring Sargisson Beach.

I hope that is decision satisfies everyone.


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Because we didn’t place the boards in the dam until April 24th this year instead of around April 1st; there is a request from some lake residents that we leave the boards in the dam for about  two extra weeks this year so that we can extend the boating season.

Normally we begin to lower the water level by removing the boards in the dam one at a time starting on Columbus Day (October 14th this year). This would mean that we would take the first board out on or about October 28th and the water would be at the Winter level around Thanksgiving.

I need to hear from you as to whether you support this or not. My concern is that some lake shore residents might be planning to work on their docks or shoreline once the water is down and by waiting two extra weeks we would be shortening the length of time that you have to work on them.

Please let me know if you support this or not.


Art Prest
President, Groton Lakes Association
8 Weymisset Road
Groton, MA 01450