Dear Friends & Neighbors,
At the suggestion of Steve Beard, I submitted a request to the Groton Board of Selectmen to have them request a three year extension of the Order of Conditions from the Groton Conservation Commission for the continued weed treatment on Lost Lake & Knops Pond. On Monday June 22nd the Board of Selectmen unanimously approved this request and the next day the Town Manager sent a letter to the Conservation Commission requesting the three year extension.

This week I sent the survey of the weed situation done in 2014 after the spot treatment in the summer of 2014, and a survey map of the weed situation as of June 25th (yesterday) to the Conservation Commission. Both the 2014 and this week’s surveys were done by Aquatic Control Technology (i.e., the company that has been doing the herbicide treatments). The great news is that although we have a lot of areas on the lake where we have extensive growth of variable leaf milfoil, so far we have not seen any fanwort (aka Cabomba) and very little to no Eurasian
milfoil. In addition the acres to be treated this year are slightly less than last year. The plan as of today is to do a spot treatment on July 15th at a total cost of about $13,500.

Now the bad news: we have enough funds in the Town of Groton weed treatment account to pay slightly less than half of the cost of the weed treatment. Thus we will need to make up the difference using GLA funds. Although we enough money to do that, I will be asking for generous donations when we do the annual membership drive this summer. I hope that you all feel that the results are worth it.

In the meantime and enjoy the lake,