The Lost Lake/ Knops Pond follow-up herbicide treatment is Wednesday June 20, 2018.

Notices will be posted around the lake.

Wednesday’s treatment will target the following:

  • Milfoil and any curly leaf pondweed missed in the May treatment using Diquat
  • Booster application of pelletized Sonar to combat Fanwort

Below are the temporary water use restrictions:

Drinking and Cooking 06/24/2018
Boating, Fishing and Swimming 06/21/2018
Watering of Livestock 06/22/2018
Irrigation 09/19/2018***

*** After 06/26/2018*** The irrigation restriction does not apply to established turf, trees and shrubs – only newly seeded turf/plants and certain plants (including tomatoes, peppers, tobacco) from the Solanaceae Family.