There are many stories and interesting facts that you hear living around the lake.

This page is dedicated to collecting them. In the near future we will be creating a “discussion format”, where someone can post a question based upon something they’ve heard and others can respond.

For example….

– There once was a house where mine stands that burnt down. It is said that a diamond ring was in the house when it burnt. Despite days of searching the rubble, it was never found. (John Diezemann)

– It is said that there is a rock somewhere on the lake with two bolts in it… One indicating summer level of the lake, the other indicating winter level. I’ve never seen it, nor do I know where it is or who set it up or when. Does anyone know any more about it? (John Diezemann).

Having spent my summers on the lake from the time I was one until I was in my forties, it has broken my heart to watch the lake die by eutrification. When I was a kid in the fifties there were few weeds, no algae blooms and we could canoe up the trout stream where there was a pristine gravel bottom and trout that we could catch with our bare hands. (Art Prest – Potomac, MD)

– I’ve heard that Rocky, for whom Rocky’s Point is named, used to light a certain colored light-bulb on his porch if that evening’s poker game was “on.” (John D.)

– I’ve heard that a small boat which the Loat Lake Development company used to give tours to prospective buyers, sank somewhere off of Baby Beach.

Be prepared to contribute your knowledge when the discussion page appears.