Attention All Residents and Visitors to Lost Lake:

The two small, fragile islands in Lost Lake opposite Grotonwood Beach have been posted by the owner, the Groton Conservation Trust. The Harbormaster and Chief of Police, Michael Luth, has been informed and will enforce all trespass laws.

This action was taken to preserve the islands that have been subject to too much misuse and abuse over the years. The south end of the larger island has lost several feet of shoreline. The vegetation that used to protect it from erosion has been destroyed by foot traffic and boats being moored to it. People have used it for their own personal picnic area, drinking, loud music, profanity, fires, allowing dogs to run free and worst of all, as a comfort station. There is little or no vegetation remaining and branches have been torn from trees and shrubs for fires.

These islands are important features in the lake. They are part of an esker system formed during the last ice age. They add a unique and scenic element to the lake. The pair of bald eagles that we are lucky to have at our lake, perch themselves in the tallest tree on the smaller island.

Please have respect for these special places and for your neighbors. If anyone sees trespassing, I would ask that you call the Groton Police at 978-448-5555.

Thank you for your attention,
Alex Woodle, Member
Advisory Council
The Groton Conservation Trust