Critters we see around the lake area. . .

The beaver population around the lake has risen dramatically in recent years.

Damage to wooded areas such as Cow Pond Brook between Lost Lake and Whitney Pond is clearly visible. If you ever walk up Martins Pond Brook, there are major beaver dams and lodges up there as well.

If you see a critter swimming along the surface of the water… it’s usually either a beaver or a muskrat!

Northern Water Snake
As seen around the lake! đŸ˜‰ (Contrary to popular belief, there are no venomous “water moccasins” in the Bay State, only harmless water snakes.) Quite often it looks entirely black, the markings are subtle.

Great Blue Heron
A regular summer visitor.

Belted Kingfisher
It is a rare treat to see a Kingfisher dive into the water and come up with a fish. Its sharp call is quite distinctive.

Mallard Duck
Lake regulars! The male has the green head. The female is mostly gray.

Ring Necked Duck
These diving ducks appear in the early Spring and are a delight to watch. They will dive under water to feed and can stay down for 10 to 20 seconds each time.

Bald Eagle

Eagles have been spotted along Cow Pond Brook and Whitney Pond.

Freshwater Jellyfish
Yes we have them. Usually seen in late summer. Whereas their stinging capability may be effective against small fish and macroinvertebrates, they cannot penetrate human skin.

Red Fox
Often seen on the ice during the winter.


Coyotes have been seen throughout town, near Whitney Pond and in Skinner Forest.