Lake Currents – Winter 2019

by | Mar 18, 2019 | Newsletter | 2 comments

Dear Fellow Lake Residents,

Last Wednesday evening was the first Groton Lakes Association meeting of the year at the Lost Lake Fire Station. The meeting schedule is posted on the GLA Facebook and webpage. It would be helpful to have more participation so please consider attending an upcoming meeting. The Fall Survey by our herbicide contractor, SOLitude, revealed that Fanwort (Cabomba) is making a comeback in Lost Lake/ Knops Pond. More on that below.

Last autumn was one of the wettest on record with over 11 inches of rain in November and drawing the lake down in a timely fashion was a challenge. Lowering Lost Lake/ Knops Pond too quickly could have flooded downstream Whitney Pond. Therefore, it took several weeks before the last board in the Lost Lake dam was removed. Early ice formation prior to the lake reaching winter pool level may have caused some damage to docks (posts left in the water). With Spring approaching, this might be a good time to inspect your dock for damage. If you have issues and need help, contact the GLA and we will see if we can find some warm bodies to help out.

SOLitude surveyed the lakes last fall to inventory and assess weed populations. Unfortunately, they saw a resurgence of fanwort (Cabomba), the weed that can choke our lake pretty quickly. This weed can reseed itself from fragments and was the primary problem back in 2012. Our whole lake treatment in 2013 worked very well and bought us five good years, but as we were told, it would eventually come back. Our consultants have recommended another whole lake treatment, but the cost is prohibitive, estimated at $80,000 to $100,000.

We do not have anywhere near that kind of money and the Town is strapped for cash as well. We will be shortly sending out our annual membership drive letter. Unfortunately, only half of you contribute and if we raise $20,000 per year, it is a lot. We can try to save up our money and go for an in lake treatment, but at this rate of saving, it will be years before we can afford treatment. If someone has any ideas on raising this kind of money, we will be happy to listen.

Baddacook Pond conducted its second year of hydroraking and weed harvesting in an effort to cut back the weed infestation. The third and final year will be this season.

The Boat excise tax raised sufficient funds to pay for the rental of portable toilets at both state boat launches last year. The Lost Lake boat launch has seen increased usage since our successful weed treatment in 2013. The number of bass tournaments has increased. The town has a new chief of police and harbormaster. We hope to involve him and his officers in patrolling the launch to make sure tournaments have their permits and to help control parking and littering issues.

Last year someone abandoned a large fiberglass boat at the Lost Lake boat launch in the middle of the night. The police and fire department managed to haul the boat out of the lake. This was not an easy task as the boat was large and filled with water. We are grateful to the officers involved who quickly removed it from the lake. An investigation is underway.

On a very sad note, we have to mention the passing of Francoise Forbes, a resident of Baddacook Pond, GLA member and a member of the Great Ponds Advisory Committee for years. She was a very kindly lady always willing to make helpful suggestions. She will be sorely missed. Our deepest condolences to her family.