Lake Currents Hurricane Ida Edition

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Newsletter | 0 comments

Dear Fellow Lake Residents,

The last treatment of the lake for non-native invasive weeds has been postponed until Wednesday September 8, 2021 due to the heavy rains forecast for later this week. Placards will be posted. Please refrain from using lake water for at least 30 days following treatment as it may be harmful to your lawn or plants. Please do not remove placards from telephone poles. It will be done 30 days following treatment.

This summer, as if I need to even mention it, has been very frustrating in terms of timely treatments to reduce the weeds that have invaded our lake. Fortunately, while the Sonar has been diluted, it has still improved the lake significantly.

Thanks for all your cooperation.

Alex Woodle, Member
Groton Lakes Association &
Project Manager for CPA funded
Treatment of Knops Pond and Lost Lake