Lake Currents August 2021

by | Aug 21, 2021 | Newsletter | 1 comment

Dear Fellow Lake Residents,

The last treatment for invasive weeds was applied on June 15th. The lake is vastly improved in appearance as most of the weeds have been severely impacted by the Sonar applications. The consistent rains this summer have slowed the progress of treatment because of dilution. We have been in constant communication with the Applicator, SOLitude, throughout the process.

The latest water tests have revealed a small residual amount of Sonar, and our consultant recommends a third booster treatment to sustain our gains against the most pernicious non-native weeds.

The tropical weather we will face in the next few days will delay this booster treatment until at least August 31st. Per usual, water use restrictions will be posted prior to treatment. This is for only twenty-four hours with the exception of irrigating plants with lake water. It is recommended to wait until end of September for that purpose.

You may see large tubers from some of the water lily plants rise to surface and the brownish turbidity, especially in Lost Lake. These conditions are part of the collateral effect of the treatment as well as the ever-changing ecology of the lake. The lilies will come back next year. They are part of the native habitat.

The turbidity is partly due to the shallowness of Lost Lake whose bottom is stirred up by motorboat activity, the removal of weeds from the water column and the increasing temperature of the water which has produced some harmless algae growth.

We have not seen any signs of algal blooms or cyanobacteria which is a good thing. We are always on the watch for the latter as they can be harmful to humans and pets.

We hope that this upcoming storm will not impact the property of residents severely and that damage will be minimal.

Alex Woodle, Member
Groton Lakes Association &
Project Manager for CPA funded
Treatment of Knops Pond and Lost Lake