Dear Friends and Neighbors,

In case you didn’t see it there was a GREAT article in last week’s Groton Herald about the GLA efforts to kill the weeds in Lost Lake & Knops Pond and about our plans to work on other aspects needed to keep the weeds out of the lakes and solve storm water runoff and erosion problems.

Gazing at vast stretches of weed-covered water in June of 2012, anybody could be forgiven for thinking that saving Lost Lake and Knops Pond from becoming an unnavigable swamp was, truly, a ‘lost’ cause. When Art Prest moved into his newly purchased and renovated lakeside retirement home on Weymisset Drive, his heart sank when, showing off his new home, someone commented that it looked more ‘swamp-side’ than ‘lake-side’.

BEFORE Lake Restoration Project – June 2012

AFTER Lake Restoration Project – July 2013

But take a tour of Knops Pond and Lost Lake today and you will see a lake area transformed from weed-covered swamp to mostly open water, a perfect environment for boating and recreation, a hazard transformed into a recreational resource for the benefit of lake residents and the whole town.

Read the full article here:
Dramatic Success of Lost Lake Restoration Project

Regards, Art Prest
President, Groton Lakes Association