Russ and Jackie Silva’s recent catches… August 2015

Rich Lynch

4.5 pound Bass caught near Lost Lake Dam

Robbie Postell

Large Mouth Bass

Young Fishermen

Pickerel Caught off Baby Beach

A Note From Art…

One of the benefits of being a volunteer Weed Watcher Monitor at the boat launches is that you get to talk with fishermen who are coming in droves to fish our lakes and ponds.

I have been making a point of asking them “How’s the fishing and what did you catch and how big was it?” Well one of them answered me: “First of all understand that because I am a fisherman I lie!”

Robbie Postell sent me a picture of a largemouth bass that he caught yesterday and it ain’t no lie. (see above)

I have heard other fishermen tell me about 7.5 pound largemouth bass and 24 inch pickerel and maybe they lied but maybe not. Anyway us Weed Watcher Monitors are hearing wonderful reports about how great the fishing is this year and rave reviews about the lack of weeds in Lost Lake and Knops Pond.

PS- Become a volunteer Weed Watcher Monitor at the boat launch – it is a lot of fun and you get to meet a lot of wonderful people.

Art Prest
President, Groton Lakes Association