On the evening of October 12, 2022, at the Lost Lake Fire Station, the GLA held its annual election of Officers and Directors.

New Officers:

(one year term each)
President: Ronald Hersch
Vice President: Rick Salon
Secretary: Angela Fragala Garger
Treasurer: Carol O’Connell

Board of Directors

Gerrett Durling (term ends 2024)
Pia Anctil (term ends (2023)
Dave Jones (term ends 2025)
Steve Lane (term ends 2025)
Brad Parker (term ends 2025)
Art Prest (term ends 2025)
Val Prest (term ends 2025)

At the moment, the bylaws require election of Officers annually (they can serve an unlimited number of consecutive terms) and Directors are elected for three years, but cannot serve a consecutive term.

At the Board of Directors meeting on October 17 the Board and Officers set up a committee to review the bylaws. It was also decided to set up several additional committees (Membership, Events, Maintenance, and Public Relations). Board members could use some help in fulfilling the goals of these committees. Please reach out to any one of us if you are interested in helping in any way.

It was also decided to go from four general meetings a year to six. These will be held at 7:00 PM at the Lost Lake fire station on the second Wednesday of December 2022, February 2023, April 2023, June 2023, August 2023, and October 2023.

On behalf of the GLA, Enjoy the Lakes!
Ron Hersch