Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Attached please find a draft copy of the recently revised Town Of Groton Wetland bylaws. Please review this document carefully and get back to me with any comments that you might have.

Note that the Town of Groton Wetlands Bylaw Review Committee has been working on these bylaws for the past 18 months. Alex Woodle is on the committee and I have been attending the meetings for the past several months. I was not comfortable with the changes that were being proposed originally and lobbied for changes that are more friendly for lake residents (and other Groton residents who happen to have property adjacent to wetlands). My and Alex’s requested changes and edits are now contained in the attached draft proposal that has been approved by this committee.

Pay particular attention to Section 215- 3B and 215-7 plus the definitions in the back of the document. These sections were carefully reworded to allow lake shore residences some latitude in doing work on their existing homes, associated appurtenances and land.

I support the changes that are now contained in this draft and hope that you will as well.


Town of Groton Wetland Bylaws