GLA Goal: Restore and preserve Groton’s lakes and ponds as recreational resources for future generations.

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Dear Friends of the Groton Lakes,
It is Springtime, and like always, it is time of renewal. We will survive the current pandemic and our Lakes will still be here. While our focus has been on our health, our family’s health and the health of our neighbors; we still need to think of the health of our Lakes.

Lost Lake/ Knops Pond: It has been seven years since our major treatment of Lost Lake/Knops Pond with a full lake “Sonar Treatment”. While this treatment brought about dramatic results, we have had to do spot treatments each year to maintain the progress we made. These spot/interim treatments for Milfoil, Curly Leaf and Bladderwort have cost between $10,000 and $20,000 per year to control . However, we now know that we will need to do another major Sonar treatment in the near future. Fanwort has grown beyond the level that can be controlled with spot treatments and a full lake ‘SONAR’ treatment is needed again – estimated to cost $80,000 – $100,000.

The GLA is pursuing $95,000 grant from the Community Preservation fund to pay for the full lake treatment in 2021. Community preservation funds are collected from every property in town and put into a special account to be used for various special projects that qualify. CPC funds have been used for other lake related projects in the past, recently including the Baddacook weed harvesting and hydro raking. This would be a terrific way for everyone in town to contribute to the lake restoration and not just the lake residents/ GLA members. Afterall- the lakes are open for the enjoyment of everyone in town. The CPC committee has approved the application and it will be voted on at the fall town meeting (due to COVID 19 this article was postponed from spring town meeting). We need everyone’s support at fall town meeting to get this project approved! If CPC funds are not approved, then it will fall back to the GLA to come up with the money. There will be more communications from the GLA via email, Facebook and the GLA website. For now, mark your calendars and plan to attend Fall town meeting- October 19th.

Baddacook: Baddacook Pond looked much better this past year. It was final year of Community Preservation Act grant funding to control the invasive weeds, clear out high bio-mass areas and improve access points into Baddacook Pond by Mechanical means. This is being done in cooperation with the Groton Water Department and the DPW. Although these do not produce the impressive results achieved in Lost Lake, they are a very beneficial step forward for Baddacook. Pond conditions have dramatically improved for recreational users and wildlife. Nutrients are reduced and Fanwort isn’t allowed to flower both of which can slow weed growth. The GLA has been supporting this with people and equipment, such as the Weed Harvester. Based on the positive results of the CPA pilot, the Town and Water Department had agreed to contribute to on-going maintenance.

Whitney Pond: Members of the GLA and residents of Whitney Pond are exploring the possibility of weed harvesting to combat the invasive, non-native weeds that are overtaking the pond. Finding locations for launching/ retrieving the harvester and access points for removal of the weeds are a couple of the current challenges the group is working through. The next steps will be filing with the town and state for permissions/ permits to perform the work. The GLA will continue to support those efforts at Whitney Pond.

Duck Pond: Duck Pond is in the third year of a three-year project to improve the health of the pond by increasing Dissolved Oxygen and adding aerobic bacteria to digest the several feet thick “organic muck” along the bottom, and to reduce the availability of nutrients that increase weed growth. This natural, but slower, weed and muck mitigation process is used because, so far, there are no invasive weeds in Duck Pond that would justify chemical treatments. We expect to submit a CPA application this winter to extend this project for additional years.

Lost Lake/ Knops Pond, Baddacook, Whitney, Duck Pond and the other smaller bodies of water are some of the most important natural recreational assets of Groton. Although these lakes are open to the whole state, regularly used by large groups of fishermen and open to the whole community, most of the monitoring, maintenance and restoration of these resources are paid for by residents on and near the lakes. For many years through GLA advocacy, volunteerism and the commitment of a small group of GLA members, issues critical to the health and longevity of these resources have been brought to the attention of the Town. We are asking you to renew your membership, make a donation, and work actively with us to develop an ongoing advocacy movement to support the Groton Lakes. With this membership drive, we plan to expand our reach to the broader Groton Community. We are looking for folks who will occasionally attend organizing and information meetings, contact five to seven of their neighbors to educate about the GLA goals and help in other ways.

We realize that the COVID 19 pandemic has impacted many financially and we understand that you may not be able to contribute as much as you have in previous years. Every donation helps so we ask that you do what you can this year to keep our beloved lakes clean. Perhaps you can also take a few minutes to share your concern for the health of our Lakes with a few of your friends and neighbors and encourage them to contribute as well.Please consider sharing this letter with your friends and neighbors who enjoy the lakes and encourage them to contribute to the GLA in order to maintain the water quality in our lakes.

Thank you for your support and stay safe!
-Groton Lakes Association

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    Thank you,
    Brad Harper
    President, GLA