GLA Goal: Restore and preserve Groton’s lakes and ponds as recreational resources for future generations.

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Dear Lake Neighbors and Friends,
We hope this letter finds you well. Here is a brief update on the major initiatives the GLA is involved in. As always, we rely on the support of members like you to help further our mission of restoring and preserving our lakes. Thanks in advance for your continued support of the GLA.

Lost Lake/ Knops Pond: The focus for Lost Lake and Knops Pond this year is to maintain the quality of water that we have enjoyed for the past few years since the herbicide treatment program began in 2013. Each year a maintenance or spot treatment is needed in order to keep the invasive weeds at bay. Our partner, Solitude Lake Management has developed a treatment plan for this season. This year’s treatment plan will include the use of Diquat herbicide for the Curly Pond Weed, Milfoil and Bladderwort throughout Lost Lake and Knops Pond plus a Sonar spot treatment of Fanwort in select patches around the lakes. Last fall SLM identified a few areas around the lakes where fanwort has repopulated- estimated at 12 acres total. The best option we have at this point is to spot treat those areas with pelletized Sonar (requires 2-3 applications). Sonar treatments are expensive and this year’s costs will be higher due to that. We have the option again this year to apply Copper Sulfate to combat algae blooms if needed. As always, the treatments are done in accordance with the State and Town regulation. The treatments have not been scheduled yet and notifications will be made in advance.

Payment for the annual spot treatments fall 100% on the GLA. The Town funds appropriated in 2013 have been exhausted and it is up to us to fund the annual herbicide treatments. This year’s treatment costs could be as much as $35,000. At the time of this letter we have a budget shortfall of about $25,000. We are very fortunate to have generous donors like yourselves who rally for a cause like this- Now is the time when we really need your support.

Baddacook: Last year, in cooperation with the Groton Water Department, we ran a successful pilot program to control the weeds, clear out high bio-mass areas and improve access points into Baddacook Pond by Mechanical means. These mechanical means were weed harvesting and hydro-raking. Although these do not produce the dramatic results achieved in Lost Lake, they are looking like a very beneficial step forward for Baddacook. Pond conditions have dramatically improved for recreational users and wildlife. Trailers don’t come out loaded with invasive weeds that could spread to other lakes. Also, nutrients are being removed and Cabomba isn’t allowed to flower which can slow weed growth.

This is a 3-year pilot program so it will be continued this year and in 2019. As a matter of fact, the third year of funding will be on the Spring Town Warrant as a Community Preservation Act (CPA) project. CPA projects are jointly funded by the state and town. The money is already allocated and this is a great opportunity to leverage that funding to preserve town water resources. In addition to your GLA donation, please support the Baddacook Restoration Project at Spring Town Meeting. It’s a great way to provide additional support to GLA activities at no additional cost.

2 years ago we increased the annual membership dues to $50. The reason for the increase was quite simple- funding the annual herbicide treatment to maintain our lakes at the current quality requires more money than we’ve been able to raise annually. The historic $25 membership does not cover the costs any longer. Annual herbicide treatments will cost between $15,000 and $35,000 per year to treat Lost Lake and Knops Pond. Please consider making a generous contribution this year to maintain the quality of our lake system. An average donation of $150.00-$250.00 per household will help guarantee the success of our lake treatment program. Every contribution matters so please do what you can to help out

We need the entire Groton community’s help to bring all these efforts to fruition, both financially and personally. Please support the Groton Lakes Association in any way you can. Please give generously so that we can make and keep our lakes healthy. If you have any expertise (e.g., legal, grant writing, webpage design and updates, botany, ecology, etc.) that could be helpful to our shared efforts, please volunteer and join the GLA team. If you have time to be a Weed Watcher at the public boat launches, please do so. And please provide your contact info. [emails/phone #s] so that you can stay informed through GLA updates. We need all of your support to bring these lakes back to what they were in the past.

Please consider sharing this letter with your friends and neighbors who enjoy the lakes and encourage them to contribute to the GLA in order to maintain the water quality in our lakes.

Thank you for your support,
-Groton Lakes Association

Every contribution matters!
No officer receives compensation for their services at the GLA.

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Thank you,
Brad Harper
President, GLA