Author: Alexander Woodle

Three Year Extension of Lost Lake/Knops Pond Notice of Intent

Dear Friends & Neighbors, At the suggestion of Steve Beard, I submitted a request to the Groton Board of Selectmen to have them request a three year extension of the Order of Conditions from the Groton Conservation Commission for the continued weed treatment on Lost Lake & Knops Pond. On Monday June 22nd the Board of Selectmen unanimously approved this request and the next day the Town Manager sent a letter to the Conservation Commission requesting the three year extension. This week I sent the survey of the weed situation done in 2014 after the spot treatment in the summer...

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Lake Currents – Spring 2015

Dear Friends and Neighbors, It is now officially Summer, and it is time for all of us to be thinking about the upcoming season at our lakes and to reflect on all the activities that have transpired in the past year. This was the latest year in this writer’s memory of the lake solidly freezing over so late (mid January) and one of the later ice-outs (almost mid-April). Boards were put in dam a bit later than usual to allow completion of repairs along Sargisson Beach shoreline. Together with drought conditions, our lake remained below summer pool until this past weekend’s welcome rains. Weed Watching Program The GLA has hired Dan Murphy from Littleton to be our weed watching monitor for this summer season. Dan brings a lot of interpersonal and organizational skills with him. He has been a teacher for more than twenty years and currently teaching in West Concord. Dan has set up the website SignUpGenius for volunteers to take a two hour shift at either Baddacook or Lost Lake boat launches. When you receive an invite from Dan, please sign up. We will once again focus on covering the weekend period and expand when we have secured enough volunteers. Many of you participated last season and we thank you. We need your continued support and many more of you to give to this effort. Last year...

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VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: Timing of Lowering Water Level & Removing Boards in the Dam? UPDATE!!!

Dear Friends and Neighbors, Last Monday I sent the email shown below to my master email list regarding a question as to whether we should keep water level at the Summer pool level for two additional weeks to make up for the two to three weeks that we lost in April because of the plans to treat the lake with Sonar. I received about sixty responses from lake shore residents. Most supported (~95%) not taking the boards out until October 28th (instead of Columbus Day October 14th) but just a few did not because they wanted to work on...

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Lake Currents – September 2013

Dear Friends and Neighbors, The summer has flown by and it is time to reflect on all that has transpired this season and where we go from here. Weed Treatment The third herbicidal treatment was applied on July 9th in order to sustain the levels needed to finish off the variable milfoil in a few stubborn places. Springy Cove and Martins Pond inlet were particularly overrun with weeds and it was felt that the third treatment would solidify the gains we have had throughout the ponds. A recent survey by kayak still showed variable milfoil in a few places albeit looking very sickly. There are a few areas where the remains of lily pad roots (i.e. tubers) have come to the surface as mud rafts, but they will eventually winnow away and sink. The lake generally looks terrific and the boating and fishing activity has increased as the season has progressed. We will not know how sustainable this will be until we see what occurs next spring. We are hopeful that we will not have to spot treat patches of weeds that regrow too frequently. We will need all of you as our eyes to spot any problems and report them at once. We appreciate the emails some of you have sent with reports in your areas. We cannot emphasize enough how important your input, observation and volunteerism is...

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Lake Currents – March 2013

Dear Friends and Neighbors, I hope everyone survived our late burst of winter weather? What a difference a year makes. Any ice still remaining in the ponds is isolated and shrinking fast in some shaded coves. The good news is ice out will be a lot later than last winter’s February thaw. There are no patches of previous year’s weed growth breaking the surface. Lots of news to share with you, so let us begin. January Town Meeting Thanks to all that came out and supported our funding article. It passed easily on a voice vote, but it was important that we had such a strong showing. The one fly in the ointment was the surprise non-support of the Groton Water Commissioners. We had been advised and shared with them and the water superintendent any and all news about our plans throughout the process. We had been told of their support, but this was untrue. We decided to meet with the Commission to find out what had happened and why they decided to speak at town meeting without communicating with us or any other boards in town. This meeting took place last week. Without boring you with the details, we did agree that a better job of communicating on their part would have eliminated any last minute surprise. Our arguments for the treatment did not seem to convince this...

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Lake Currents – January 2013

Dear Friends and Neighbors, We are only one step away from reaching our goal of treating Lost Lake/Knops Pond to kill the invasive weeds. This, of course, is next Saturday January 26th’s Town Meeting at 9:00 am. Come early as our article will be the first one addressed. This is the time for all who are committed to restoring our lakes to come forth and have your vote count. For fifteen months, your GLA representatives have been working very hard to arrive at this point. This process, difficult at times, has been successful. In January, the Finance Committee voted unanimously to support our article! This means we have the support of the Selectmen, Conservation Commission, Board of Health, Planning Board, and Water Commission as well as the Finance Committee. We have begun a dialogue with the Conservation Commission about implementing the Resource Management Plan (RMP). Savas Danos gave a terrific presentation on correcting storm water run-off problems at Long Pond in Littleton. The Earth Removal & Storm Water Advisory Committee (ERSWAC) is working closely with GLA to obtain a grant to inventory the Lost Lake/Knops Pond watershed for storm water related problems. These grants will require in-kind or volunteer labor from residents as well as from Groton’s Highway Department to match these 60%-40% grants. Danny Horrigan, an Eagle Scout candidate, aided by Andrew Davis our very own Sargisson Beach...

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Lake Currents – November 2012

Dear Friends and Neighbors, Summer has faded quickly into fall and there is ice on the ponds. It is time to bring everyone up to date on continued steps towards the restoration of our ponds. We have come a long way from a year ago when we were faced with an endangered weed as well as all the permissions needed to treat our lakes with the herbicide Sonar. The Lost Lake Sewer went down to ignominious defeat at the fall town meeting. It became obvious early on in the meeting that there was little or no support for this project by Lost Lake area residents or many others in town. The issue is not dead, however, and may be revisited in a different form later. We will discuss this subject in more depth in another newsletter. The presentation by the Finance Committee regarding the sewer project at the fall town meeting was condescending and painted the lake residents as disconnected from the remainder of the Town. We must reverse that image by restoring our lakes, pushing for the re-opening of Sargisson beach and the regulation of the public boat launch. These are components that link the town to the lake. We can accomplish that through implementation of the Resource Management Plan (see below). Conservation Commission In October we had a public hearing that went very well. There was an...

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Lake Currents – September 2012

Dear Friends and Neighbors, This past month has been another eventful month for progress towards our goal of treating Lost Lake/Knops Pond to eliminate the current weed infestation and bring increasing awareness of the lakes to the wider community. MA Natural Heritage confirmed that we do not have an endangered weed, the Selectmen unanimously voted approval to send our Notice of Intent (NOI) to the Conservation Commission, and GLA participated in Grotonfest. Massachusetts Natural Heritage Letter The letter from Natural Heritage’s Endangered Species Program declaring our lakes free of a suspected rare plant has eased the requirements and expense to conduct a treatment program to eliminate the current infestation of non-native invasive weeds. It took a long time to prove our case, several thousand dollars for botanical surveys and eight years of limited activity to reduce our weed problems leading to our current crisis. Selectmen Vote On September 4th, the Selectmen voted unanimously to send our Notice of Intent and Resource Management Plan to the Conservation Commission. The Selectmen complimented GLA on their diligence and thorough work to bring this program forward. Conservation Commission Public Hearing Our original public hearing scheduled for September 25th was continued to Tuesday evening October 9th at 7 PM at the Town Hall. This is an opportunity for all of you to come out to the hearing and voice your support for our plans...

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