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Lake Currents – Spring/Summer 2017

Dear Fellow Groton Lakes Association Members And Friends, The Groton Lakes Association (GLA) placed the boards in the dam April 1st and the lake filled to summer pool level within one week due to the unusual rainfall we have had this spring. In fact, a board had to be taken out and remains out of the dam as the period of wet weather has continued through May. The good news is the severe drought is over in Massachusetts, however, we must remain mindful of the danger of fire in the forests around us. An errant cigarette butt casually thrown out of a window could start a devastating fire, a carelessly attended, open fire to burn branches could also lead to disaster. Please try to be mindful and use commonsense to protect our environment and property. Fireworks not only disturb people and their pets, but as demonstrated last July 4th set the woods ablaze in a difficult to access area. Fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts and the Groton police will be enforcing these laws. Please be considerate of your neighbors remember the danger to our woods and homes. Spot treatment of Weeds 2017 We will be continually plagued by regrowth of invasive weeds and only spot treating will hold them in check. Over the past two years this has proved a successful way to manage remaining troublesome pockets of invasive...

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Completed: Dry Hydrant at Island Road

The Dry Hydrant on Island Road next to Knops Pond has been completed and put into service. This completes the fire protection expansion for the most densely settled area in town. The 2015 Town meeting voted funds to build two cisterns and a dry hydrant to provide a water supply for fire suppression for several hundred homes in the Lost Lake/Knops Pond area.

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Ed Himlan from MA Watershed Coalition to Present Talk on Reducing Stormwater Run-off and Erosion

May 10th from 7:00-8:30 PM at Groton Town Hall This talk is free and open to the general public. It is sponsored by The Groton Lakes Association in conjunction with the Great Ponds Advisory Committee and the Lost Lake Watershed Advisory Committee. Recognizing that one of the major causes of pollution comes from stormwater run-off, this is an important subject to understand and learn how each of us can remedy these problems on our own property. Ed will focus on lakes and ponds, but the principles are the same everywhere. Rain that runs off from homes, lawns, driveways and...

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Winter Trail at Sargisson Beach

This past year the Town of Groton rededicated its much-loved Sargisson Beach. The Sargisson Beach Committee applied for Community Preservation funds and the Town voted its approval at Town Meeting. The shoreline was restored with stone and protected from future erosion and storm-water run-off by reconstructing the main pathways in such a way as to allow rainwater to slowly drain and be absorbed into the ground. The steep hill down to the beach was carefully reconstructed to allow for infiltration of storm water and to protect against erosion and movement of soil onto the beach area proper. A network...

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GLA Meeting Schedule for 2016

Dear GLA Members, At our last meeting, we voted to reduce the number of annual meetings. The following is the new meeting schedule for this year from 7-8 PM at Lost Lake Fire Station: January 13th March 9th June 8th August 10th October 12th Brad Harper President...

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The Groton Lakes Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the Lakes of eastern Groton; primarily "Lost Lake," "Knop's Pond," "Baddacook Pond" and their coves.

Located in Groton, Massachusetts, the G.L.A. works closely with local, state, and federal agencies, as well as other community organizations to develop and implement programs, strategies, and ideas which will preserve the lakes for both native wildlife and recreational use, thereby enhancing the quality of life in our local watershed.

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