Author: Art Prest

Lost Lake/Knops Pond: A Pictorial History

The early decades of the 20th century saw the rise of a summer residential community at Lost Lake/Knops Pond. This 200 acre water resource offered city dwellers relief from the heat and humidity and a wide range of recreational activities. A real estate scheme in the 1920s hastened these changes. People came from Boston, Revere, Somerville, Brookline, Newton, Cambridge, and Watertown to name a few. The earliest photos of the lakes come from post cards dated 1916! In a bid to raise revenue for a failing business, the company that owned the water rights to Lost Lake lowered the water level during...

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Great Catch: Fish Stories from Lost Lake

Russ and Jackie Silva’s recent catches… August 2015 Rich Lynch 4.5 pound Bass caught near Lost Lake Dam Robbie Postell Large Mouth Bass Young Fishermen Pickerel Caught off Baby Beach A Note From Art… One of the benefits of being a volunteer Weed Watcher Monitor at the boat launches is that you get to talk with fishermen who are coming in droves to fish our lakes and ponds. I have been making a point of asking them “How’s the fishing and what did you catch and how big was it?” Well one of them answered me: “First of all...

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Draft Wetlands Bylaw

Dear Friends and Neighbors, Attached please find a draft copy of the recently revised Town Of Groton Wetland bylaws. Please review this document carefully and get back to me with any comments that you might have. Note that the Town of Groton Wetlands Bylaw Review Committee has been working on these bylaws for the past 18 months. Alex Woodle is on the committee and I have been attending the meetings for the past several months. I was not comfortable with the changes that were being proposed originally and lobbied for changes that are more friendly for lake residents (and...

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Groton Herald: Dramatic Success of Lost Lake Restoration Project

Dear Friends and Neighbors, In case you didn’t see it there was a GREAT article in last week’s Groton Herald about the GLA efforts to kill the weeds in Lost Lake & Knops Pond and about our plans to work on other aspects needed to keep the weeds out of the lakes and solve storm water runoff and erosion problems. Gazing at vast stretches of weed-covered water in June of 2012, anybody could be forgiven for thinking that saving Lost Lake and Knops Pond from becoming an unnavigable swamp was, truly, a ‘lost’ cause. When Art Prest moved into...

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Grotonfest 2013

Dear Friends and Neighbors, Just a note to remind you that Grotonfest is being held in Groton on this Saturday September 21st from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM. The GLA has a booth (booth 122 I was told) and we look forward to seeing you. For more information see: Art Art Prest President, Groton Lakes Association 8 Weymisset Road Groton, MA 01450 Email:...

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New “Weed” in Knops Pond & Lost Lake – Not To Worry and Don’t Freak Out

Dear Friends and Neighbors, We are seeing quite a bit of a new “weed” in Knops Pond and Lost Lake. It is low lying and mostly along the shore. It is bright green and can form dense matts or can be individual plants. I attached a picture of a single plant that I took today after untangling a mat of it that I pulled from Knops Pond. Using the handy dandy DCR “A Guide to Aquatic Plants in Massachusetts” I tried identifying it based on its characteristics which are: Submerged, Leaves On a Stem, Dissected Leaves, Leaves Without Bladders,...

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Please Look for Floating Logs & Branches in the Water and Tow Them In

Dear Friends & Neighbors, While water skiing yesterday, Angela Garger hit a large partially submerged log that was floating in the lake. She damaged her slalom ski but she is OK. Her husband towed the log to shore. When I was out in my boat on Tuesday I pulled a white birch branch that was about two inches in diameter and eight feet long out of Knops Pond. The branch showed beaver damage at its base. If you see large items floating in the lake please tow it to shore or if you can’t please let me know about...

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Great Boston Globe Article

Dear Friends & Neighbors, In today’s Boston Globe there is a terrific article that I attached and is reproduced below. It describes the kind of thing that we have been going through and quotes Tom Flannery from the MA Department of Conservation and Recreation who has been very helpful to us and taught the Weed Watcher Course here in Groton for GLA members. It is a long article but worthwhile reading. I also attached two pictures that show the progress of the Sonar herbicide treatment. One picture was taken in Knops Pond in June of 2012 before the Sonar...

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Boat Launches Monitor Program

Dear Friends and Neighbors, We have launched a program to monitor the boat launches at both Lost Lake/Knops Pond and Baddacook Pond. We need volunteers to be at the boat launches to hand out literature to boaters, explain what the program is all about, and in conjunction with the boater fill out a survey form and in conjunction with the boater inspect the boat and trailer and remove all weeds that might be present. This MUST be done according to a new Massachusetts law  before the boat can be launched, and again once the boat comes out of the...

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Groton Lakes Association Meeting on Wednesday July 10th 2013 at 7:00 PM at Grotonwood

This email is a reminder of the GLA meeting next Wednesday July 10th 2013 evening at Grotonwood (167 Prescott St. Groton, MA 01450) at 7:00 PM. In my July 3rd email I indicated that we plan to do a third Sonar herbicide treatment next week. That treatment is now scheduled for Tuesday July 9th. I will need volunteers to post treatment signs on a few docks around the lake. I will place the signs at the boat launch and the entrance to Sargisson Beach. If someone could place signs at Baby Beach that would be great. We will only...

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The Groton Lakes Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the Lakes of eastern Groton; primarily "Lost Lake," "Knop's Pond," "Baddacook Pond" and their coves.

Located in Groton, Massachusetts, the G.L.A. works closely with local, state, and federal agencies, as well as other community organizations to develop and implement programs, strategies, and ideas which will preserve the lakes for both native wildlife and recreational use, thereby enhancing the quality of life in our local watershed.

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